Barclays Phone Number: 0903 991 0113

What is Barclays?

Barclays plc is a British multi-national bank and financial services company with headquarters in in London. It is a universal bank known globally and offering services and products across credit cards, corporate, personal and investment banking, and wealth management. It operates in over 40 countries and employs over 120,000 people.

Barclays is structured into four core businesses:

Personal & Corporate (Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, Wealth & Investment Management)


Investment Banking and Africa.
Contact Barclays Bank Customer Services

Telephone Barclays on this direct number to find out about current accounts, Barclaycard credit cards, mortgages and loans.

Barclays General Enquiries

Phone Barclays general customer enquiries to speak to an advisor for the following:

  • Bank account
  • Credit account
  • For further information about any of their financial packages.

Barclays Dialling Options

When calling the Barclays phone number, you have the following options:

Select option 1 to report a lost or stolen debit or credit card

Select option 2 for assistance with your Barclays account.

The Barclays helpline number is open from 7:00am-11:59pm, 7 days a week. Please note however that reduced operating times may be in effect on bank holidays.


Barclays Personal Accounts

Phone Barclays about your personal current account by calling Barclays contact uk phone number if you are an Additions Plus customer then phone 0800 99 4422 or if you hold a First Additions account then please phone.

Here you can enquire about the following:

  • Barclays overdraft limits on your account
  • Check your bank balance
  • Enquire about the interest rates which apply to your account.
  • Add someone to your account turning it into a joint Barclays bank account.
  • If you are not an existing Barclays account holder but are interested in opening a personal account or switching from your current bank then you can make a general enquiry.
  • Barclays Different Types of Accounts
  • Additions Account Customers
  • Additions Plus & Additions Active
  • First Additions & Current Account Plus
  • Open a new Barclays Current Account & Student Account Helpline
  • Switch to a Barclays Personal Account
  • Features Store
  • Barclays Premier Current Accounts


Barclays Premier Account holder are able to access help and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 a week.

Barclays phone number uk can be used to:

  • Check premier banking services
  • Rewards you are eligible for
  • Apply for an overdraft.
  • To change your account by adding another holder or to close your account.


If you are interested in applying for a Premier Account or if you would like to switch your existing current account to Barclays to take advantage of their deals then please consult this table to find the phone number which you need to call.

Barclays Accessibility Options

By calling the Barclays general enquiries contact number you have accessibility options for using Barclays services, for example if you would like to receive your bank statements and correspondence in braille they can help you with this.


Please visit our Barclaycard page to find out more

Or phone Barclays for help with your Barclaycard credit account:

Barclays Customer Services can give you advice about:

  • Paying your bill
  • Check current interest rates that apply to your card
  • To extend your credit limit.


You can phone Barclays helpline to find out about the wide range of offers, rewards and benefits available to Barclaycard customers.

Phone Barclays if you are having difficulty making the repayments on your credit agreement or If you would like to close your account.

The list below has all Barclaycard’s different departments, including phone numbers for card protection insurance, fraud and specific rewards packages.

Barclaycard Departments


  • Customer Services
  • International Helpline
  • Join Barclaycard
  • myBarclaycard Support
  • Report a Lost or Stolen Card & Get Emergency Cash Advance
  • Freedom Rewards
  • IHG Rewards Club
  • Hilton Honours Services
  • Barclaycard Secure & 3D Secure
  • Textphone & Minicom Helpline
  • Security & Fraud
  • Card Services
  • Extended Warranty
  • Large Print & Braille Services
  • Sentinal Card Protection Insurance
  • Card Protection Insurance

Call Barclays to enquire about more today:

Barclays Savings

Phone Barclays Savings customer service team to gather information about:

Current interest rates

Savings bonds

Cash ISA accounts

To open a savings account

Get helpful advice regarding how frequently you can withdraw funds from your ISA or savings account

If you are unsure about your annual Cash ISA allowance

Barclays Loans

Phone Barclays about Barclay loan packages

To apply for a loan

Get information about the interest rates that affect their loan deals.

If you are having difficulty making your loan repayments

If you would like to borrow more money.

If you have applied for a loan and you feel the repayment terms are incorrect, you can appeal Barclays decision.

If you are a homeowner you are eligible to apply for a special loan that is secured against your property.

Barclays Mortgages

Get in touch with Barclays to find out about their mortgage packages and rates.

Barclays offer a huge range of different mortgages for different purposes, which include:

  • Tracker
  • First-time buyer
  • Fixed-rate deals.
  • If you are a current customer and you wish to change your regular mortgage payments
  • If you are a current customer and you would like to extend your mortgage length.
  • You can check the interest rates that apply to your specific mortgage
  • You wish to re-mortgage your property.


If you are not an existing customer you can phone Barclays number to find out about applying for a residential mortgage.


Barclays also offer Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Online & Mobile Banking

Barclays are always on hand with technical support with their online or mobile banking systems, including the more Pingit mobile app.

The Barclays helpline is useful if you are experiencing difficulties logging in to online or mobile banking

Barclays team will help you with forgotten account password or username.

Call Barclays today to find out how to register for an online account

For troubleshooting advice on how to use online banking or their mobile app then you should also phone customer services.

Barclays Fraud

If you think someone has illegally accessed your mobile or online account and has performed fraudulent transactions with your details, you can also get help via email using their official Barclays security address:

A bit more Information on Barclays Mobile Banking App

For use on smartphones, Barclays offer mobile banking app:

You can transfer funds

Set up standing orders

Check your account balance

Call Barclays customer service for further information

Other Barclays Offers:

  • Telephone Banking
  • Make a payment from your Barclays account
  • Check your balance.
  • Phone if you do not recognise a payment on your statement
  • Report fraudulent payments.
  • Investment Banking


Contact Barclays with your investment queries by calling their general enquiries phone number for the following:

Get assistance with your existing investment accounts

Open a new stockbroker account.

Get information about how Barclays will invest your finances and how much return you will see from your initial investment.

Phone if you are not sure which investment department to contact as they will not be able to provide you with information on how your investment portfolio is doing,

International Banking:

  • For regular overseas payments
  • If you are planning on basing your finances in a country outside the UK.

International banking is for customers who travel/perform business in several foreign destinations and therefore need regular foreign exchange transactions, or an account in another currency, such as US dollars or Euros.

Travel Money

Phone Barclays to order travel money to nearest store or home address.

Get information about the exchange rates Barclays offer as well as what currencies are available.

Barclays Complaints

Contact Barclays customer services to make an official complaint

You can call to complain about any of Barclays financial services, including:

  • Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Complaints
  • Current & savings accounts
  • Barclaycard services
  • Insurance policies.
  • Get an update on an existing complaint

Alternatively, you can lodge a complaint in writing then send your letter to their dedicated freepost address:


Barclays Customer Relations,

United Kingdom.

For PPI:

Barclays PPI Department,

LE87 2BB,


United Kingdom.

More Barclays Services

Business Banking:

  • Get help with your business current account or credit agreement
  • Make telephone payments to customers or suppliers.
  • Phone Barclays business enquiries team to extend your credit agreement
  • To notify Barclays that your business has changed
  • For business savings accounts
  • If you want to check the interest rates that apply to your company’s savings account or to check how many withdrawals you can make from such accounts.
  • Business Insurance
  • Phone about your existing insurance policy
  • Renew your insurance policy
  • Upgrade your policy by adding extras such as property cover and public liability
  • Commercial Loans & Mortgages
  • Contact Barclays about existing business loan or commercial mortgage agreement
  • Change how much you are borrowing
  • Check the interest rates that apply to your mortgage or loan.
  • Notify that your company finances are struggling to keep up with the repayments on your borrowing agreement
  • Enquire about extending your mortgage to cover extended business premises. To release equity that is currently tied up in invoices for cash flow
  • To take out a business loan for your company
  • Get a mortgage on its commercial premises


Barclays Insurance

For personal insurance packages, (from home and technological gadgets to car insurance, personal injuries, health, travel insurance, life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection insurance, personal accident

Other ways for you to contact Barclays:

For alternative methods of contact for using their banking, savings or insurance packages:

  • Visit your local branch
  • Writing Barclays a letter
  • Send a message to their social media accounts.

Write to Barclays:


Barclays Customer Services,

1 Churchill Place,


E14 5HP,

United Kingdom.

Barclays via Social Media

Twitter page

Facebook page

See their posts on Google+


Help guides & promotional videos on YouTube


Benefits of recording your barclays phone call.

If you wish to speak to barclays customer services without the stress of taking notes, then utilise our phone recording system: automatic recording, call recording service without any hassle. Enjoy all the following benefits whilst on a call without having any other worries other than listening to what the barclays representative has to say in order to resolve your query, complaint or issue. The benefits of call recording:

  • Record phone calls
  • Order checking
  • ‘No complex’ landline phone recording software
  • “Hassle Free’ call recording systems.
  • Retain a copy of your call for future reference
  • Mobile call recording
  • Make call to call without interruption
  • Landline phone recorder
  • No record phone call app needed
  • In the event of a dispute, can verify what has or hasn’t been said
  • Avoid note-taking whilst on a call
  • Listen as many times as needed to gather all necessary information
  • Enhance customer service and sales through best practise
  • Don’t lose calls or business opportunities
  • Avoid abuse and maximise security
  • Adhere to industry regulations

How can I record a barclays Phone Call?

How to record barclays phone calls: Including how to record barclays phone calls landline, how to record barclays mobile phone calls, how to record barclays phone calls on cell phone, how to record a mobile phone conversation, how to record phone conversations.

Make call to barclays on their barclays U.K. contact number (dial barclays U.K. number) and we will do the rest*.

How to get barclays call records

* If you would like your call recording sent to you, please contact us giving the number you dialled from, the company you dialled, along with the date and approximate time of call. We can then email you a file of your call recording. Thank you