DVLA Phone Number: 0903 991 0122

The Dvla Customer Service Number

Monday to Friday – 8am-7pm,

Saturdays – 8 am – 2 pm.

Call DVLA contact number for driving licence enquiries (DVLA reg numbers, number plate check, DVLA number plates), including medical conditions, or vehicle enquiries.

The DVLA is an official government department and responsible for providing licences to drivers but to refuse licences to drivers classed as dangerous. They also tax every user of HM’s roads.

Regular tax renewal, changes in circumstance of drivers which effects their driving licence, and speeding offence are the causes as to why the DVLA is inundated with thousands of customer phone enquiries a day – and that’s just the telephone calls.

Phone the DVLA on their UK contact phone number …. to contact customer services with all car related enquiries, such as paying road tax or declaring your car SORN (which is an off-road notice).

What is the DVLA?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), and is an official UK government organisation that is responsible for maintaining a database of drivers and vehicles across the country. The DVLA issues driving licences while also collecting road tax and providing personalised registration plates to UK drivers. Call the Dvla to buy number plate, Dvla personalised plates, Dvla number plate check, Dvla car number plates and Dvla reg numbers -Dvla number plate contact number ……..Dvla number plates contact Dvla personalised number plates

DVLA Contact Address

Vehicle Customer Services,



SA99 1AR.

Drivers Customer Services,

Correspondence Team,



SA6 7JL.

Tax & Vehicle Registration–

Contact the DVLA on their tax contact number and vehicle registration…. to speak to general enquiries about taxing a vehicle. Callers should also get in touch with Dvla car tax contact number to discuss how to declare a car off the road. It is required that you declare your vehicle SORN if you no longer wish to pay car tax. Contact DVLA logbook contact number to update/change details registered in your current logbook if you have moved address or to make a claim for a new V5C certificate. The DVLA contact number is there as a helpline for vehicle registration and performing a vehicle identity check (VIC) based on the details of a vehicle’s number plate.

DVLA Driving Licence Number: general Enquiries Contact number

Phone the DVLA on their driving licence general enquiries number regarding UK driving licence applications. General enquiries for a provisional licence before a driving test or upgrading to a full drivers permit upon passing. Lost or stolen driving licence can also be reported as well as change of address.

DVLA – Medical Conditions–

The DVLA contact number can be contacted for medical enquiries, especially if you have suffered an illness or injury which could affect your ability to safely drive a car.

Contact the DVLA immediately. You can also visit the DVLA website where you will find information about contact address and dvla contact telephone numbers.

DVLA – CAR TAX DISC dvla tax contact number

Phone DVLA and Speak to DVLA customer for help with renewing your car tax disc.

SORN (STATUTORY OFF ROAD NOTIFICATION) – contact DVLA for vehicle related enquiries on DVLA contact number.

All vehicles registered in the UK must be taxed in order to use public roads and motorways. If your vehicle is is being kept off the road due to a repair or mOT failure, you may wish to declare a SORN

Call DVLA contact number to see if you may be eligible for a TAX DISC REFUND.

DVLA contact telephone number – DVLA DRIVING LICENCES

Drivers must have a licence for driving vehicles on public roads.

There are two types of Driving Licences:

  • Provisional driving licence

Provisional licences must be applied for if:

You have never attained a full licence

You can’t show that you are eligible for a full driving licence

  • Full Licence

To attain a full driving licence in the UK, you can only apply after passing a driving test within the past two years in the country.

Contact DVLA for driving licence queries on dvla contact phone number.

  • Informing the DVLA of changes
  • Changes in vehicle tax, if any, depend on the effect the changes you have made have = dvla car tax phone number –

When speaking to DVLA

When calling DVLA, it will be useful to have pen and paper handy in case you feel the need to take notes during the conversation. This allows for any resolutions and issues to be amended quickly without stress.

How can I record a DVLA Phone Call?

How to record Vodafone DVLA phone calls: Including how to record DVLA phone calls landline, how to record DVLA mobile phone calls, how to record DVLA phone calls on cell phone, how to record a mobile phone conversation, how to record phone conversations.

Make call to Vodafone DVLA on their DVLA phone call number (dial phone uk number) and we will do the rest*.

How to get DVLA call records

*If you would like your call recording sent to you, please call Digital Select Ltd on 03301039999. giving the number you dialled from, the company you dialled, along with the date and approximate time of call. We can then email you a file of your call recording. Thank you.

Can you record a DVLA phone call?

Benefits of recording your DVLA phone call .

If you wish to speak to DVLA customer services without the stress of taking notes, then utilise our phone recording system:automatic recording, call recording service wihtout any hassle. Enjoy all the following benefits whilst on a call without having any other worries other than listening to what the DVLA representative has to say in order to resolve your query, complaint or issue. The benefits of call recording:

  • Record phone calls
  • Order checking
  • “No complex’ landline phone recording software
  • “Hassle Free’ call recording systems.
  • Retain a copy of your call for future reference
  • Mobile call recording
  • Make call to call without interuption
  • Landline phone recorder
  • No record phone call app needed
  • In the event of a dispute, can verify what has or hasn’t been said
  • Avoid note-taking whilst on a call
  • Listen as many times as needed to gather all necessary information
  • Enhance customer service and sales through best practise
  • Don’t loose calls or business opportunities
  • Avoid abuse and maximise security
  • Adhere to industry regulations